Chinese love culture dating

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He pretended to have a school question to ask, but instead he declared that he liked me.

He pressed a rose into my hand, which I tried to refuse, stammering that I didn’t like him at all.

Love, romance, and dating are usually discouraged when people are young.

The prevailing view is that young people should be studying not dating. In the early 2000s there was a case involving a 13-year-old girl who committed suicide by drinking rat poison because her grandmother tried to prevent her from falling in love.

This is a very romantic attitude towards an institution that has for the larger part of the history of humanity been based upon things much more expedient.

Although everyone knows that marriage was once an institution focused primarily upon religious, social, and familial needs, today the vast majority of western couples will tell you that they want to marry, and indeed, believe that one ‘should’ marry, for love, and only for love.

The initiation and maintenance of intimate, romantic relationships have been linked with improved physical and emotional well-being, stronger perceptions of community attachment, and better developmental outcomes for the individuals (e.g., Amato ).

During adolescence and the early adult years, dating enhances identity formation for individuals and provides socialization experiences which are necessary to forming and maintaining intimate and interpersonal relationships in life (Chen et al. Although researchers have directed their efforts toward a better understanding of the dynamics of dating and partner selection, focusing upon the influence of such elements as the family environment (e.g., parental divorce, parental marital quality, parent-child relationships), peer relationships, and community factors (Bryant and Conger ), the majority of studies focusing upon dating and romantic relationships have utilized samples of Western youth.

Beyond the basic desires which most individuals experience during this time, researchers have noted the relative significance of dating, not only for individuals but also for societies.

In the Mao era about the closest thing there was to a love story was tale called "Revolutionary Love" about two Communist cadres who fall in love during the struggle before the 1949 and are arrested and arrange to be secretly married on the day they are executed.

As times goes on and Chinese are exposed more to Western-style ideas about love and romance, in advertising and movies, young people are dating more and engaging in more public displays of affection such as walking in shopping areas holding hands.

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Far from being viewed positively, romantic love often generates suspicion among the older generations and confusion among the young.

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