Photo stream not updating

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What i Cloud photo service should I use to sign in with my Apple TV? i Cloud Photo Library is Apple's photo storage service, which lets you store all of your hundreds of thousands of pictures in i Cloud.Doing so makes it possible for you to grab the photos you want onto your device without having to store them locally.One of the handiest features of the Photos app (which replaced i Photo in 2015) is its ability to automatically sync with your Photo Stream.

It is not uncommon to see photos added on i Phone not show up on other devices like an i Pad.

I've also created a video of me doing the above steps that should be helpful for you if you're struggling to implement his fix, seen below.

There are a lot of reasons that i Cloud could break. But it does seem to work for a lot of people, including 2 laptops in my own family.

You can see for yourself by scrolling all the way down in the same forum thread here, but I've also quoted his steps right here: 4) Now launch i Cloud again, and turn on the "Photos" checkbox.

That's it, the re-download of the thousand last photos you've taken resumes, right away.

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