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– A man kept a woman chained up for days and held her prisoner in the basement of an Indianapolis home, prosecutors say.

Indianapolis Metropolitan police are now searching for that man.

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A Darboy Walmart shopper encountered human traffickers using an unexpected menstrual period as a ruse, and a nearby police officer confirmed the interaction was a "new trick" used to abduct women. A guy the next row over heard me telling her i was fine and that I’m going straight home and she started to argue with me about coming to her car and he came over and said hey how’s it going long time no see and i played along for a moment thinking i possibly knew him from work and when i turned back to tell the woman that I’m not interested she was gone. ) and said he’s up from Milwaukee visiting his mom and he’s a police officer.

To most this sounds like an innocent, kind hearted gesture from one woman to another but what she didn’t know is that i had a hysterectomy about 8 months ago…i can’t have periods.

Today (08/07/16) while leaving walmart in Darboy, WI at about pm a woman in her 20s approached me and in an embarrassed hushed tone said i started my period and i should come to her car and get her sweatshirt to tie around my waist and i could just keep it.

Maurice Nelson, 28, is accused of kidnapping and raping the woman at a home in the 4500 block of Norwaldo Avenue on the north side. Police forced their way into the home and found the nude woman handcuffed in the basement.

Nelson is wanted on three counts of rape and one count each of criminal confinement, battery by means of a deadly weapon, intimidation, battery resulting in bodily injury, interference with the reporting of a crime and battery by bodily waste. She was in shackles and had a chain with a padlock around her neck.

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