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It is important to note that these are not in any order! [Note: Eric’s section is best enjoyed while listening to “Rhapsody In Blue.”] We don’t know much about Eric. Perfectly shaped, cut, and styled — this veteran weekend morning anchor makes hearing bad news just a little easier to handle. Mike’s hair would be acceptable in the Brady Bunch days or at Miley Cyrus’s 2014 New Year’s Party. The way his bangs sway slightly to the right melts the heart of plenty of swooning ladies.

Clearly, Ron doesn’t need to buy Sun In anytime soon. I bet he styles his hair by holding his head out the window of his car on his way to work. God, what I wouldn’t give to be the product in his hair. Well, this is still the second highest honor of my TV career — maybe third? She does take an awful lot of credit for giving me great hair. ” Chase even gave us insight on how he gets THAT look, “My kick-a** stylist Chrissy Phelan turned me on to evo’s products.

While getting drunk, Ron sees an attractive blond woman and immediately tries to hit on her.

After an awkward, failed pick-up attempt, the woman leaves.

The next day, Ed informs the team that he has been forced by the network to hire Veronica Corningstone, a female news reporter from Asheville, North Carolina – and the same woman Ron had tried to pick up the night before.

The news team attempts to seduce Veronica using various inept, arrogant and sexist methods, all of which backfire.

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Corning was raised in Calais, Maine, and graduated from Wheaton College in Massachusetts.

This Florida native and Florida State University graduate knows a thing or two about keeping his hair fabulous in humidity. He’s a California native that brings Southern charm to his hair.

While his list of accomplishments is extensive: two Emmy Awards, a Regional Edward R.

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy is an American comedy film that parodied the Action News format in the 1970s, starring Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy, a cocky 1970s news anchor who clashes with his female counterpart, Veronica Corningstone.

In 1975 San Diego, Ron Burgundy is the famous and successful anchorman for KVWN-TV Channel 4 Evening News.

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