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Start chatting right away with a Free Trial so you can share your hottest fantasy with a partner-in-crime, or step into her fantasy.You might not think that when you call up your local Domino’s to order a pizza with your credit/debit card, that the employee you just gave your sensitive information to is going to brazenly turn around and rack up 6 in phone sex charges only minutes later.Or that they’d be so stupid to use the restaurant’s phone to make the call.But phone-sex operators working for a Florida-based company claim in a lawsuit that they’re being paid far less for their intimate chat time.[More] If you suddenly start seeing credit card bills with charges to 1-800-CHICAGO and your teen tries to tell you he’s just really interested in information about Wrigley Field, well… It’s actually a number that connects the caller with a phone sex line, and it’s just one of countless other seemingly innocuous 1-800 numbers that has been scooped up by a little company in Philadelphia.

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